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Scholarship Rejection Letter

Summary: A Scholarship rejection letter is written with careful words to inform the candidate about the rejection. It should not let down the student at any cost. It should not be invalid or hurting for the student and decision taken by the management should be well conveyed. By reading the letter the student to know the reason for rejection though, they cannot be mentioned in the letter.

House No: 52

Palm grove, 6th Street


United Kingdom.

Dear Mr. Daniel Mendez,

You must be aware of the fact that scholarship from an esteemed university like Institute- Dexter College is a dream come true for most of the young talented people.

We have received your scholarship request letter and our scholarship committee has reviewed your application, but we are very sorry to say that your application does not qualify for the scholarship, as it does not meet the required criteria for grant of scholarship. Anyhow, you can apply for a paid course in our university.

We wish you all the best for all your future endeavors.

Mrs. James

Dean- Dexter College

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