Thank You Scholarship Letter

Summary: Getting a scholarship grant for college is a rare opportunity that comes in a person’s life. Thus, we need to express our gratitude for the kindness of those people who have been kind enough to assist us in getting this kind of opportunity. If, you are at a loss of words in writing a thank you letter, here is a good one. Just follow it and the person will surely be delighted.

August 7th 2010


The Principal,

Dr. Stevenson College,


Dear Sir,

I would like to say thank you very much for your good heart in helping me get the permission  of Bangaramma scholarship so that I can complete my B. Co. without having to worry with my. It is a big help to me because not only it made me meet my daily expenses in this course, but also I can now send ample money to my family back in my native village. For all you know sir, this help is a very big thing to our family as my family and my dream of getting a job after my graduation will become true. My father can now use the money for my sister’s marriage instead.

By the way, sir, I got the permission letter today telling me that the money for this year will be deposited in my savings account. It is my big dream to do Chartered Accountancy, the job amazes me, and I know that this scholarship grant will help me realize this dream.

Thank you once again for your kindness.

Yours faithfully,

Andy Stain,

Admin. No. 22395

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