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Friendship Thank You Letter


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Dear Name,

I am writing this letter to personally thank you for being there with me at the time of my dad’s ailment.

It’s very difficult to find a true friend in today’s life and when we get one we take them for granted. I have always thought you as my good friend and am taking this opportunity to thank you for supporting my family financially and emotionally at the time when none of my relatives also came to see my father in the hospital. I think it’s just because of you and ho you took him to the hospital and admitted him at the right time that he survived the heart attack. I am grateful to you that you were there to support my family and giving strength and hope to my mother at the time when none of my people helped my family .In my absence you were like their own daughter helping them and staying back in the hospital with my mother.

(is always there for me Name,) I am really thankful to god that I have such a nice friend who and making a difference in my life. I am thankful for you for being there whenever I needed you. I hope I can equally be of any help and support when you need me the most. Please remember me if I can be of any help to you.


Your Name.

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