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Wedding Invitation Thank You letter

Summary: Many of us receive the invitation to the weddings from our relatives, friends. However, how many of us reply on these invitations with “thank you “letters? I think it is very nice way to express the gladness of receipt such an invitation, to show the importance of this invitation to you. So, if you feel this way, then learn how to write the “thank you “letters for the wedding invitations:

August 25, 2010

Alice Drayson

11 Servantes,

Barcelona, Spain

Dear Alice,

I was so happy to receive the invitation to your wedding. You were always my favorite niece. From the childhood you always was special girl. And that special girl deserves all the happiness in the world. I am happy that you found the man who you decided to connect your life with. In addition, the great thing is that both the parents are agreed for this marriage and they are part of this ceremony.

May be your uncle will not attend the ceremony because he is not well, but I will their for sure. Moreover, I have no doubt that he is the one you need. I will arrive a day earlier to help you with wedding preparation. I will also take along my grand duaghter to assist the bride it is a pleasure for me. Thanks again for remembering me and see you very soon, my dear.

Your beloved aunt


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