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Apologize Letter for an offensive behavior

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Dear Name,

I am sorry for my behavior at your birthday party. I understand that I spoiled your day and I created a scene in front of everyone. I do not want to explain how it happened but still want you to know. You must be aware that i do not take alcohol. But that day I was forced to, with some of our common friends. I got carried away. I really was not in my sense and didn’t know what I was speaking, its only in the morning I realized what all I spoke and how much I hurt you. You trusted me and called me to the party and I messed up the whole party. I can understand how you must have felt in front of your parents. Please forgive me and I promise that I will not behave in such a manner again. I do not want to lose your friendship. Believe me I will not repeat such this in future.

I apologize for all the inconvenience and I will come and talk your parents and sort out all the things,

I hope you forgive me.


Your name.

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