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Sample Break Up Letter

A relationship is a mixed bag – happiness, love, envy, jealousy, fight, disagreement and argument. And sometimes break up. A break up is the end of a relationship and usually comes in only if the two partners are in total agreement for disagreement. Matured adults normally try and resolve their issues before taking this drastic step that leads to a point of no return. Generally break ups happen in between couples that are not yet married but are serious about their relationship.

One partner to the other informing her/him that s/he would like to bring an end to their relationship writes a Break Up Letter. But this is a letter that is written with a very heavy heart as no one enters a relationship with the intention of having to get out of it one day.


  • A Break Up Letter unlike other letters should be written after having seriously thought about it for a while
  • Since the nature of the letter is very sensitive, it should be very carefully worded
  • It should preferably give the reasons or incidents for the break up to help avert any further misunderstandings
  • It should ideally be hand written because it deals with a very sensitive issue
  • The tone should not sound rude but concerned indicating that the thought of breaking up is equally painful for the writer
  • The reader should not be made to feel dumped but it should be written with more maturity
  • Only the main reason resulting in the decision for the break up should be mentioned in the letter and no other previous issues should be brought up


____________ (Date)

Dear __________ (name of the reader)

Both you and I have noticed that for the past few months we have not been meeting each other as much as we would have loved to. The clear reason behind this is that we do not seem interested and involved with each other any longer. The urge to meet somehow has been buried somewhere.

And to top it all I saw you with another person on _________ (date) at ________ (name of the place). I think this is a hint big enough to me to stay out of your life.

I am just writing to inform you that I want to bring and end to this relationship now and forever. I know the break up is not entirely your fault and I too am to be blamed for it, but I guess someone had to make the first move.

I have had some very good memorable moments of my life with you. Now I would like to leave you to a life of your own and I will lead my life the way I want to. This was the last way I would have liked our relationship to end but if it has to end it has to.

You take care!


(Name of sender)

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