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Claim Letter

A claimant is a person who asks for a reimbursement for any damage done to life or property. A claim is when damage is informed and refund is requested. A claim could be of many kinds:

  1. Car insurance claim
  2. Health insurance claim
  3. Life insurance claim
  4. Claim against theft
  5. Claim against fire
  6. Accidental claim
  7. Compensatory claim
  8. Deposit refund claim
  9. Retrenchment reimbursement claim

But a claim can be requested only when there has been a prior understanding between the claimant and the company who is expected to clear the claim.

A Claim Letter is a tool informing a company of the partial or full damage done and requesting a decent reimbursement against it. It however may either be written by the claimant informing about the loss or the company giving the reimbursement informing the claimant of the reimbursement that is on its way may also write it.


  • A Claim Letter should be written by the claimant as soon as the damage is done
  • It should be written by the company as soon as the reimbursement is being sent
  • The letter must bear the date on the top left corner indicating details of its origin
  • It should be brief and to the point
  • Only the details of the policy and reimbursement requested/agreed should be dealt with in the letter
  • A Claim Letter should always have a reference number against which the claim is being requested/agreed so that it becomes easy to track its past record
  • The letter should always be only addressed to the person with the full name and address who is being given the claim or to the company with its full address who is being requested for the reimbursement against the claim
  • A Claim Letter should give all details about the policy against which the claim is being made. For example, the claim reference number, date when the policy was taken, terms of the policy, how much reimbursement is due, what is the timeframe within which the reimbursement will come through
  • A Claim Letter has to always be accompanied by documents supporting the damage or loss, for example the police report, death certificate, etc


(This is a letter being written by the claimant in case of death of a family member)

________________ (Name and address of insurance company)

_________________ (Date)

Subject: Sum Assured against death of my father

Dear Sir or Madam

I, ________ (name) had taken a life insurance policy from your company against policy number ____________ on _________ (date) for my father, ____________ (name of father). The nominee of the policy is my mother, ___________ (name of mother).

With deep regret this is to inform you that my father passed away on _________ (date) due to a massive heart attack. I have attached a copy of the doctor’s report as well as the death certificate for your reference.

Even though nothing can repair our loss but since my mother was dependent on him and she was the nominee of the policy, I would like to file this claim with you. May I request you to please release the money due to my mother against my father’s life insurance policy at the earliest. As per our records the sum due to her is Rs.___________?

We look forward to a quick resolution to our claim.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best regards,

(Name of person writing the letter)

Encl: As above

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