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Warranty Letter

Ms/Mr. ______________


Date: ___________

Subject: Claim of warranty


Dear Ms/Mr. ____________

I would like to claim the warranty for the television 21” LCD brought from your company. The television was purchased under the order no _______ (order no.)  and was delivered on _______ ( date of delivery). The warranty is effective till _______ (date of expiry of warranty) as mentioned in warranty card no. __________( warranty card no.)

The television has developed multiple problems. There is problem with the colour tube due to which the display has become hazy and picture quality has worsened. There is problem with the speaker, unwanted noise is coming out of it.

Kindly take the problems into consideration and take immediate steps in this regard. We will like to have a change in the set as earlier repairs, done by your authorised personnel didn’t help much either. I hope that problem will be taken care of in appropriate manner.



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