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Warranty Letter

The warranty letter is written in case of a claim of a warranty of any product or service. The product may include refrigerator, cooler, DVD player, microwave etc. the letter contains the details about the product warranty number, period etc. This letter can also be included in the category of complaint letter. The letter is written in a professional manner.

  • Write all the details about the warranty, the product, the warranty period, number etc. This will help the reader to get the exact idea.
  • Write the exact issues precisely what is the product, what has happened to it, etc. This will help the person to understand the problem.
  • Write that the warranty period is not yet competed and hence you are entitled a repair. Also request to make the repairs as soon as possible so that no issues take place in future.
  • Write this letter in very professional style. Do not use simple way to write.

Warranty Letter Template

Use our free Warranty Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.





Subject – Warranty letter

Dear _________ (name)

I am ___________ (name) writing this letter to you with regards to the repair of my laptop. The laptop is in the warranty period and hence I am requesting you to repair the same. There are many issues with the laptop. It reboots automatically, the mouse is inactive and the booting process is also very slow. I have purchased the said laptop from your outlet on _________ (date) the order number being ________ (number). The warranty period is one year and hence you are requested to do the needful at the earliest. An earlier response is highly appreciated. Looking forward for a positive reply from your end.

Yours Sincerely,

Thanking You.


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Warranty Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format





Subject – Warranty letter

Dear Mr A.K. Waswani

I am writing this letter to you to claim the warranty of my laptop which was purchased from your shop. The details of the same are as follows,

Order No.51489 dated 06.10.2013 date of delivery 07.10.2013. The product is in its warranty period of one year that expires on 06.10.2014, the warranty card number being 54187. The laptop has created many issues. The mouse does not work properly and also the scroll lock is inactive due to which I am unable to work with the same. It also gets booted automatically but takes lot of time to reboot again. You are requested to consider my problem and take the required steps accordingly as soon as possible. You are requested to repair the laptop at the earliest to avoid the inconvenience. I hope you will do the needful at the earliest.

Yours sincerely

Jitendra Chavan


Email Format

Ms/Mr. ______________
Date: ___________

Subject: Claim of warranty


Dear Ms/Mr. ____________

I would like to claim the warranty for the television 21” LCD brought from your company. The television was purchased under the order no _______ (order no.) and was delivered on _______ ( date of delivery). The warranty is effective till _______ (date of expiry of warranty) as mentioned in warranty card no. __________( warranty card no.)

The television has developed multiple problems. There is problem with the colour tube due to which the display has become hazy and picture quality has worsened. There is problem with the speaker, unwanted noise is coming out of it.

Kindly take the problems into consideration and take immediate steps in this regard. We will like to have a change in the set as earlier repairs, done by your authorised personnel didn’t help much either. I hope that problem will be taken care of in appropriate manner.




Warranty Letter Generator

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