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Congratulation Letter for College Admission

This letter is address to a student who has got admission in college. This is one kind of achievement for him/ her thus the sender wants to congratulate him/her by writing this congratulation letter. As these letters can be personal or professional but the way of writing should be polite and warm. All mention the name of the receiver on the top of the letter so that it will express your feeling more specifically.

Mr. Bradford C. Smith

2203 Green Street

Nashville, TN 37201

17 September 2010


Dear, Mr. Bradford

I am Mr. Wilfred K. Hamblin hereby congratulate you for getting admission in our college. St Xavier’s College of Arts and Commerce is the most prestigious and reputed college of London City. Thus getting admission here is very big deal for students and through your hard work and sincerity towards your education you have proven that if you get one right chance then you can bright your career. Your grades and marks with your previous college were excellent, you also ranked number one position in your college thus by seeing your academic record our jury has decided to give you a life changing opportunity even though you got late for admissions process. Now you have got this opportunity then please try to prove yourself. Kindly come to our office with necessary documents and certificates which are required for completion of your admission process. Once again many congratulation and welcome to St. Xavier’s College.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Wilfred K. Hamblin

2354 Leverton Cove Road

London, LN 01103

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