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Resume Cover Letter Format

Summary: In writing a cover letter, you must follow a certain format so you will be able to tell just what needs to be mentioned in such letter. Be brief but make sure that your intentions are clear on applying for a post. If you are not confident but would like to write a cover letter, here is what we suggest.

The HR Manager [Or your addressee]

[Mention the Designation]

[Give the address in details over here]



Dear Mr. Name/Surname,

The introduction must inform the person who is reading your letter about your purpose. Now, indicate your intentions on submitting a resume and the post that you are aspiring for as well. Mention some personalities that will serve as your references before you have a chance to talk to the HR Manager or attach some letters recommending your application.

For the next part provide information concerning your educational as well as your career background. Mention about your goals in being part of the organization and provide a one good reason on why you are most qualified for the post. Also, inform the reader that your resume has everything that they need to know about you as a professional and some personal information about you.

As last words, tell the reader that you are looking forward to meeting the hiring personnel or anyone in charge of the hiring process.

Sincerely Yours,

[Your Sign here]

Your Full Name


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