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Job Offer Letter

Job Application and Job Offer go hand in hand. But every Job Application Letter is replied back with a Job Offer Letter does not always hold true. It all depends on how a Job Application Letter has been presented.

A Job Offer Letter is the one that is written by a prospective employer in response to well presented Job Application Letter of a particular prospective employee. Since the applicant had applied for a particular job in a particular organization, it is assumed that s/he is aware of the functioning and products/services of that organization. So there is no need to introduce the organization in the Job Offer Letter.

A Job Offer Letter unlike the Job Application Letter should be short and precise. It should very clearly state the job that is being offered to the applicant. If considered necessary it can also give the CTC (cost to company) package to the individual but that is optional.

It is very important that the offer is time bound, i.e. the Job Offer Letter should very clearly indicate the date till when the offer is valid. An open ended Job Offer Letter indicates a desperate organization.


  • A Job Offer Letter should always give reference of the Job Application Letter in response to which the job is being offered
  • It needn’t give details or introduction of the organization offering the job
  • A Job Offer Letter should be precise and short
  • It should give only those relevant details that are necessary for the applicant to know before s/he accepts the offer
  • Total package details may or may not be given in the Job Offer Letter
  • It is absolutely essential that the Job Offer Letter is time bound and not open ended
  • Since it is purely an official medium of communication, it should be typed
  • It is also fine if the letter talks briefly about the selection procedure
  • The letter should always be signed by the highest authority in that particular department for which the application had been sent
  • A Job Offer Letter should always be on the company letterhead


_______________ (Name and address of applicant)

________________ (Date)

Subject: Offer against your application for _____________ (post applied for)

Dear Ms/Mr ____________

This is in response to your application dated ___________ (date of application) for the post of _____________ (post applied for).

After a rigorous selection and elimination process of group discussions and two personal interviews, we are glad to inform you that you have been found suitable for the post applied for. You are requested to please come to the office as per address given below latest by ___________ (deadline date) and meet ______________ (name of the person) to pick your Appointment Letter in acceptance of the job offered, failing which the offer will stand null and void.

Details of your CTC are as per our discussions during the final interview and will be officially disclosed when the offer has been accepted.

Please feel free to contact either  ___________ (name of the person whose name has also been referred above or me at the telephone numbers given below for any clarifications.

Looking forward to working with you and having a long business association.

Best regards,

(Name of the signing authority)

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