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Apology Love Letter

Summary: An apology letter has to bring out all the love to find a new beginning to the broken life. The letter has to strongly state the apology that it has to. Writing such a letter will stop further misunderstandings. She must know that how much you want her and all that happened was not intentionally.

Dearest Sara,

Sitting on the couch all by myself, I cannot help but wonder how it all happened. I keep thinking about all the good times that we spent all the happy moments, and the snuffle. My darling, we have forever been as one in all aspects of each one of our lives. Now that you are moved out, I take in that life has lost the worth it once had. My dear, I would not be complete man enough if I did not let you know that I am nothing without you. Now that I have gone through the charm of your love, I can no longer go on lacking you. Loveable one, I am regretful for all the hurt, which I have caused you and I ask that you will discover it in your feeling to pardon me. I swear to be a superior man for you forever.

I love you,


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