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Encouragement Love Letter

Summary – If you want to encourage your partner for this relation and want them to express their feelings more openly then write them an encouragement letter. Encourage her for your lovely relation and make her trust through your strong words as mentioned in this encouragement letter.

Dear priya,

Hi! Hope you are fine with the grace of almighty at your end. It is very difficult to spend the time without you it seems that the threshold of the time is gone slowly. Nights seems to be very large but there is no sleep in my eyes, they just rendring you here and there. It seems that it is very difficult to live without you. May this distance make our feelings and relationship very strong? It is my desire to be with you my whole life. This is our love test which will tell about the strength of our relation.

Now, I pray to god everyday and wish for the moment when we meet again. I just want to see you again as soon as possible. Of being we are miles away, I am sending you a lots of love and passionate. Bye, missing you a lot and take care.

Yours lovingly,


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