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Funny Love Letter

Summary – If you want to tell your partner that you, how much you love them in funny and flirty manner then write them a funny love letter. She will be happy to know this funny way of expressing your fellings. Most of the people write romantic and sad love letters but you try something new and write this funny love letter.

Dear Linda,

The very first day when I saw you in classroom, I fall in love with you. We also call it love at first sight. I want to be you r next future lover if you are already having one now. Before all these, I want to clear one thing that the expences over eatables, movies, and coffee are shared equally between both of us. In addition, I will take care of your expences side by side. I think you are agreeing with this agreement I just commented upon.

I think you enjoy my company as beloved. I am very thankfull to you if you accept my offer and if you are not interested then please forward this letter to any of your good-looking friend. Because I wants to keep trying until I get the success Ii am waiting for your reply.

Thanking you in premonition,

Yours lovingly,



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