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Love Confession Letter

Summary – Showing your feelings to someone is not so easy but if you know the right way then it can become easy for you. Love confession letter is the easiest way to express your emotions here is one good sample of love confession letters and you can follow this for to show your feelings.

Dear Leena,

I am bit puzelled that how to start this letter I am writing what I feel about you and then my destiny is in your hand. You can let my dreams fulfill. Surely, your decision is going to change my life. It looks odd to say this by the letter. I just say that I am incomplete without you because I love you. For me you are everything. Now it all depends on you who you take it. There is no force to accept this, like I am telling you the truth and I am expecting the same from you. Because I do not want to hurt you in near future.

Now I am waiting for your reply, and please reply at least once whatsoever your answer is. Hope it should be in my favour. Again telling you that my love for you is not fake just trust on it. Byes take care.

Yours lovingly,


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