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Romantic Letter Closure

Summary: Romantic letter closure will express those words to your partner, which you want to tell them at the time of break up or problems. If you are facing problems in the relation and want to tell them those facts, which are the causes of problem, then send this romantic letter closure to them.

To you,

Point of time, I never thought existed to part our ways and forget all the fine memories we shared together.

Why does it forever have to be me? My dear one, what have I done to earn all this disgrace, long pain, and disgust? I knew you were the one meant for me the moment I laid my vision on you, but now I suppose and understand perfectly that you are not the right person.

My heart was bare until the day you came into my life and filled it by way of love and affection. Now, you have left a deep hole with nothing but extreme dislike and repulsion.

It is to you I proclaim that I will never ever fall in love with a guy again for you have confirmed that they are nothing but liars. For me, love does not survive.

Goodbye to you my love.

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