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Letter Requesting Scholarship

Summary: If you cannot afford all the expenses of your studies and want some redemption from the management then write them a scholarship request letter and ask some help in your studies. This is the best way to clarify your needs for scholarship.


The Scholarship Selection Committee

University of Tennessee


May 1, 2010

Dear Scholarship Committee Persons

I have recently found out that I was accepted into the Master of Arts program for Musical Performance and I plan to start in the fall of 2010. I would like to request that I be considered for one of the many half or full scholarships that are available.

I would also like to notify you that I have been working hard these past few years while attending the University of Illinois in Chicago. I not only received my BA in performance arts but I also have been very active in social and political organizations frequently volunteering my time.

I really would like to pursue my education however find that without some type of financial assistance that it is just not going to be possible. I am hopeful that you will accept this application and have enclosed all required documentation.

I hope to hear back soon so that I know whether to accept my placement in the program.


Abbey Rosely


April 20, 2010

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