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Thank You Letter – Appreciation Thank You Letter

Summary: An Appreciation Thank you letter is sent to the person who has appreciated you in front of every one or personally. The letter should inform the person that you would work harder and attain more credits. The below letter will give a brief idea to write such a letter.


General Manager
Indian banking Limited
45, Delhi


18th March 2010

Dear Sir,

I sincerely thank you for the appreciation of my presentation in the Annual Performance Evaluation Report. Your effort will give me more success in life and I will never give you more chances to appreciate me in near future. Its your support and trust in me which is motivating me to work hard. I will work with more concentration and honesty for the company now.

Your genuine appreciation has not only raised my self-confidence but also transformed my eagerness and passion for the profession. I willingly assure you of my persistent sincerity and keenness and I assure to prolong serving the firm to the best of my abilities.

Thank you all over again.

Mark Henry

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