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Teacher Thank you Letter- Thank You letter for your teacher

Summary: A teacher thank you letter is one, which is written to thank your teacher warmly for the effort he has made to mould you all these years to make you a responsible person. Convey the thanks and tell her that you will help her when she is in need. The below letter explains the way to can write the letter.


Ms. Amelia Robert

Dew Drops High School

10th, March 2010

Dear Ms. Robert

It’s very rare to find people who play the role to form us and mould us to find ourselves in that progression.

At present, as I position holding my head apprehended high, I salute the teacher who has prepared me to be what I am today. I warm heartedly thank you for all the pains and the tolerance you have undergone in transforming me from an aimless adolescent into an accountable and focused individual.

I will at all times remain thankful for all the good things I have learnt from you, be it the subject matter you taught or regarding life in general.

If I prove to be of any help in future, I will definitely do it with immense pleasure.

With earnest thanks for everything.


Sandy Wilson

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