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Thank You Letter for Farewell Party

Summary: This letter is made to say goodbye and utter the deeply appreciation of the time spent in a certain office or company. The letter shows the teachings and learning that the work gives. The letter might be a goodbye to the work but not a goodbye to the friendship that was built.

To the all the Staff,

Australian Fashion & Designs Inc.

1986 Leroy Lane

Onida, SD 57564

To All,

I would like to inform everyone that is this is my last day of work at Australian Fashion & Design Inc.. As what I have mentioned to all of you last week, I got hired from another company and I will be starting to do my job there by next week. I made this letter to thank all of you for the entire support and love that all of you have given me.

I definitely enjoyed every single moment of my work here with you. All of you are absolutely a great help morally. I will all miss you and always remember that there are no other colleagues that will enable to replace you all.

All of you people can e-mail me at LolaHingston@example.com and if you want to talk to me and ask for an advice to your problems or any assistance, feel free to contact me at 605-973-612.

Thank you,

Lola Hingston

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