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Thank You Letter to a Doctor

Dear doctor,

Thank you very much for your kindness and the care you took of my brother, after such a bad accident and taking him to the hospital I never thought that he could be alive but the way you and your staff handled the emergency is indeed commendable. Since all these days we were busy with my brother we didn’t get enough time to thank you and all the staff who helped us.

Although my brother has lost his vision we are thankful that by god’s grace and your help he got back his life, and I am sure with medial advancement he might get back his vision.

We always got all the support from the nurses and other staff; they didn’t allow us to have any problems. I think my brother was lucky to be admitted in this hospital and staff really took good care of my parents who wanted good support after a shocking accident. I am thankful that he is fine now and will be discharged tomorrow. We are very grateful to you the way you handled the police enquiry. You made it really easy for us to have strength and face the crisis.

Thanks for everything


Your name

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