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Thank you Letter Wedding Gift, Wedding Letter

Summary: The wedding is a memorable moment in a couple’s life. Presence of all the relatives and close friends is accepted. This is a thank you letter for the one who attended and gave warm wishes and beautiful present as well. You can follow this sample thank you letter Wedding Gift that is given below.

Wilma V. Coleman

4501 Coplin Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Dear Ms.Wilma

I am happy that you could make it to my wedding anniversary. James’s and yours presence made a lot of difference to our special day. Thanks for making the day all the more memorable and cherish able with your company. You are very near to our heart and your presence means a lot to us.

In addition, thank you for the beautiful antique wall painting gifted by both of you on our anniversary. The painting is a masterpiece and the beautiful and intricate work on the frame is a matter to marvel. I am waiting to flaunt it on our bedroom wall of our new home.

Please accept appreciation from both of us.

Thanking you once more for making us feel so unique and making us so important.

Hoping to meet you soon.

Mr & Mrs Conklin

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