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Transfer Letter

A Transfer Letter is the one that is given to an employee when s/he is being transferred to another branch or another department of the same organization. The reasons why this is primarily given to an employee are:

  • To complete paper formalities of an organization
  • To put it on record of the individual’s file that s/he has been transferred from one branch/department to the other
  • To ensure that the individual who has been transferred her/his salary account also indicates the change
  • To reduce head count of one department and add to the head count of the other one

A Transfer Letter is an official letter but the transfer could be on mutually agreed terms between the employee and organization or it could also be only the decision of the organization. Most organizations when they get the acknowledgement of the offer letter from the employee, they also put a clause saying that the employee should be open to the idea of being transferred to any branch or department of the organization whenever needed.

A Transfer Letter should be short and brief. Since it is an internal official letter it need not be very detailed. It should basically give the name of the individual being transferred, the department to/from where s/he is being transferred, the effective date of transfer and the name of the person who s/he will be reporting after the transfer.


  • Since a Transfer Letter is an internal official letter it need not be very detailed but should just have the basic information
  • It can be in a Memo format also since it is an internal communication
  • A Transfer Letter should clearly give the date when it has been issued
  • It should also give the date when the employee joins the other branch or department
  • If any perks or benefits come with the transfer then that too should reflect in the letter
  • It is always better to first verbally inform the individual who is being transferred and the Transfer Letter to be handed over later
  • Even though it is an internal letter make sure that there are no grammatical or punctuation errors
  • This letter should preferably be given in advance so that the employee can make any arrangements if required
  • A Transfer Letter should also give the reason why one particular individual is being transferred
  • The support that the organization is due to give to the employee being transferred should also be mentioned in the letter


Name and address of person who is being transferred


Subject: Your transfer to our Mumbai branch

Dear Ms/Mr ___________

You have been an asset to the organization ever since you joined us on ________ (date of joining). Your efforts in helping increase sales or to motivate your team have always been commendable.

You may be aware that our Mumbai branch in-charge is due to leave the organization on _________ (date of leaving the organization). Based on your performance at our Delhi branch, the management has decided to transfer you to our Mumbai branch with effect from ____________ (date).

We acknowledge that you will need some time to settle in Mumbai. Therefore the company will give you a 15-day break for you to settle in.

As a result of the transfer your salary will be increased by __________(details of salary increase). You may contact the HR department for a detailed break-up of the salary component.

Please feel free to talk to us in case of any clarifications.

Wishing you all the best in all your future endeavors.

Best regards,

Name, signature and designation of signing authority

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