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School Admission Cover Letter

A school admission letter is a formal letter written by a student and addressed to the principal of a school the student wishes to join. Such letters outline the reason why the student has left his former school or discontinued his previous education and why he would like to enroll in that particular school. The letter is usually short and extremely politely written. School admission letters must get across an impressive and admirable persona of a student to the reviewer. Otherwise the principal may not grant the student admission in the school. Therefore these letters play an important role.

Some tips to write a good school admission letter:

  1. Always be exceedingly polite. Praise the institution and its educational facilities. Mention that you would like nothing better than to study here in this institution that you admire so deeply.
  2. Explain why you are changing schools or education boards or both. Explain the reason. Mention any significant circumstances
  3. Be courteous in your request to be granted admission in the school. Mention any of your extra-curricular activities and request the reviewer to consider your application on the basis of your merit.

School Admission Cover Letter Sample











Subject: Application for admission in school

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, _________ [name of student], had been studying in ____ [previous school] before. However, due to a transfer in my father’s job location, our family has had to relocate here to Mumbai, and I’m therefore applying to you to kindly grant me admission in your esteemed school.

I have a high average in academics from my previous school and I’m also a state-level basketball player. I have taken part in quite a few extra-curricular activities. I believe the environment and nature of this school and its students will suit me extremely well and will also aid me in growing further as a human being.

If granted permission to enroll in your institution, I promise I will be at my disciplined best at all times of the school day and that I will do my best to live up the expectations of my teachers.

Kindly find attached all my necessary documents.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

______ [Name and details]

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