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Sample Sorry Letter to Sister

Dear Sister,

I am sorry that we cannot attend your son (name of the son) 1st birthday party. As you are aware it is the same day that my sister in law is getting married .The marriage is in Dubai and I being the only daughter in law I have to be there. I wish I could express the dilemma I am in because my nephews birthday was something that I was looking forward to and I had convinced my in-laws to conduct the ,marriage on some other date  but for some unforeseen instances it had to be changed to the particular date. This time I couldn’t say anything as that is the only auspicious day available .Even my sister in law was feeling bad about it but she could hardly change my in laws decision as they had checked with the astrologer about the date.

I understand that it is the first birthday and I am the only aunt he has but I really can’t help it. I promise once I come back from Dubai I would definitely make a visit to your place. I sorry again I know you had great plans for us .I hope I can make it up once I come there. Give my love to (name of the son) and you take care.


Your name.

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