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Sample Sorry Letter

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Dear (name)

I am extremely sorry to have reacted in a stupid manner in front of your spouse. Well I didn’t do that deliberately. I just lost my patience when (other person’s name) abused me for no reason. I understand that I over reacted but that was because of the stress I carry from home. You know my condition now, I have been shown the pink slip from office and my wife keeps cribbing about that whole day, to top it my owner has told me to vacate the house. I was really disturbed that day. I am really sorry to spoil your day. I understand all this is not an excuse for my behavior and know that you had only invited close friends for your girlfriends birthday party and I created a scene.

I am really sorry from the bottom of my heart and I m sure you will forgive me. If you suggest I will talk to your girlfriend personally and say sorry to her .I hope this problem will not spoil our friendship of years and you will give me another chance. I assure you that I will control my anger and will not repeat such incidents in future.

I hope you forgive me with my heartfelt apologies.


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