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Complain about Receiving Damaged Goods

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My family and I have been buying products from your outlet from past five years and I am really disappointed with the service given to me by the customer service representative when I came to purchase (product) from your shop (on date) .When I checked the goods at home the (product) was of different color and model than the one that I purchased. So I called the shop to return the product but your customer service representative refused to do so and was using very abusive language.

Kindly solve this issue as I bought it as a gift for my relative and I will be grateful if you could send me a replacement.

I am looking forward for an immediate resolution and hope that this will be resolved before (date) of (month).

I may also be contacted at (phone no) or by (email address)

I am also enclosing the copy of the receipt for your reference.

Yours sincerely,


(Your name)

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