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Dear Name,

This is in reference to the air conditioner I purchased from your store on (date). The day the air-conditioner was installed it was in the working condition and your customer service person demonstrated well. After an hour it started giving trouble. The room was not at all cool even though we tried to increase the temperature. I thought maybe I was not pressing the right button and called my neighbor who uses it from past three yrs. She also checked but it didn’t work.

So I called your service centre and got it checked with the technician and he checked thoroughly and specified a defect in the product. He assured me that it will be repaired in two days time. Well I am writing to complaint that I am not interested in getting my product repaired rather since it is a defective piece I demand a new working piece in replacement. I have been your customer from past one year and have always purchased most of my electrical items from your store .I believe you will look in to the matter and help me get another new piece. I am really disappointed the way everything was handled. First the technician doesn’t turn up on the specified date and when I call your repair centre nobody seems to understand the problem. It’s been almost a month and I am not able to use the air conditioner.

I hope you will take the necessary action.

Waiting for your early reply.

Yours sincerely

Your name.

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