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Congratulation Letter on Promotion

A promotion is a kind of reward for the employee. Everyone loves success at work place. Getting a promotion confirms the belief in oneself and also it serves as reward for all the hard work put in. Congratulating the person gives him a sense of great achievement and motivates him to increase his productivity. So you can also congratulate your near and dear ones on their promotion.

Here is a sample congratulation letter on promotion:


Janet Jones

Avenue Street,

New York


Sarah Jones

Parle Street,

House #28,



Dearest Sarah,

First of all please accept our heartfelt congratulations on your promotion. Your hard work has finally paid off. In the past year you were very disheartened. But perseverance on your part has now borne fruit.

You had always been the most ambitious of all the siblings and today you have received the gift of your long run. Achieving such a coveted post in the print media is really gratifying. When we received the news of your promotion, we all jumped with joy and thanked the almighty for pouring his blessings on you.

Though mother is not with us today but her blessings are always with you and she must be very happy with your achievement. She always wanted you to be on such a position and today you made her dream come true.

We all have decided to throw a party in your honor and all our relatives will be there with their families. We have planned the party on the coming Saturday as it will be easy for you to come.

We all are waiting for you to come soon.

Your sister,


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