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Election Congratulation Letter

Congratulation letter should not portray any kind of envy or jealousy and the words selected should be such that it shows that you are indeed happy for the reader’s achievement. The letter should sound cheerful and show enthusiasm. End the congratulation letter by wishing the person continued success.

Dear Name,

Heartiest congratulations on being selected as the mayor of the city. It’s such a privilege to our party that someone from our constituency has become the mayor for the first time. We had organized many small activities for the campaign and we look forward to support you and bring many laurels to the state.

We are sure that you would do what you have said in your campaign and the people of the city has lot of hopes that you would provide them the best facility they have ever had. Your selection itself shows how much the people love and trust you. You had worked hard for this and they appreciated it.

We wish you a successful tenure and hope that you hard work bring you higher responsibilities and position in your political career.

You deserve your splendid success.

Sincerest congratulations

Your Name

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