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New Job Congratulation Letter

A congratulation letter is used for praising a person on his success. This letter is a great gesture to maintain personal as well as professional relationships. Through this letter, one can talk about the exemplary qualities that helped a person to achieve his/her goals in life. Such a letter makes the recipient proud of his/her success. The letter should be full of enthusiasm and happiness.


Alexander A. Moss

33 Horsehair Green
TD12 2CG

My dear Michael,

I am very happy to hear that you have secured a job in the Microsoft as a software engineer. Congratulations my dear friend and keep it up. It’s a great achievement to get a job in such and huge multinational software company. You will feel the presence of very intelligent and professional personals in the office.

Now you must work hard to stay among them and learn more and more things from them. You are very hardworking and I know your colleagues will enjoy working with you. During the weekends if possible come and meet your old pals as we all want to see the genius. Well jokes apart all the best for your new job may god bless you.

With warm regards,

Yours Sincerely



Michael E. McQueen

85 Fordham Rd
IP19 0SK

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