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Goodbye Letter to Boyfriend

Goodbye letter to a boyfriend is a breakup letter usually written by a girl to terminate her failing relationship when she realizes that despite giving her relation with her boyfriend a fair second chance, he does not seem to be the right person anymore.

  • Letter must begin with the subject directly in an apologetic note.
  • Should bring out reasons for breakup frankly.
  • Mention that it is absence of a spark in the relationship and not personal shortcomings which is the cause for breakup.
  • Should bring out that things are not working out despite giving the relation a second chance.
  • Should end with wishing him all the happiness in future and best wishes so that he finds a better soul-mate.

Goodbye Letter to Boyfriend Template

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Name              (boyfriend’s name)

__________    (address)


Dear __________(boyfriend’s name)


I am writing this letter because I wanted to end our relationship. ……………………….. (state reasons for ending relationship).  I am sorry, but I feel we should part ways.

Although you are and will always remain a special person in my life, I do not see you as my soul-mate or that special person anymore. ………………………………………… (explain that despite both of you trying, things did not work out).

Neither of us needs to be blamed for this situation.

Take care


__________ (your name)


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Goodbye Letter to Boyfriend Sample, Email and Example/Format


Dear Ronald

I am writing this letter to you because I wanted to end our relationship. I do not have the same feelings for you anymore and I sincerely feel that the spark in our relationship no longer exists.  I am sorry, but I feel we should part ways.

Although you are and will always remain a special person in my life, I do not see you as my soul-mate or that special person anymore. We have both tried our best to work things out by giving our relation a second chance, but that special connect which makes such relations work  is missing.

You will always remain a very special person and I wish you all the happiness in the future. I hope you find true love in someone else who deserves a person like you.


Take care




Email Format

This letter is written by a girl in order to break up with her present boyfriend. She has made the decision, that although her boyfriend is a very nice person, he is not the right person for her, and after having given the relationship a second chance, she has made her final decision to terminate their relationship.

Dear Richard

I am writing you this letter because I feel that we must end our relationship, the feelings I had for you are no longer there. I am sincerely sorry to bring you the news, but our relationship is finished.

You are and always will be a very special person to me, but you are not my soul mate, you are not that special person for me. I have tried to makes things work by giving us another chance, but I know and I think you do too deep down that we are mot meant to be together. That special spark, that special connection is missing between us, that something that makes a relationship continue forever.

You really are a special person, and i wish you all the happiness in your future, and really hope you find a girl that deserves someone special like you.

Take care




Goodbye Letter to Boyfriend Generator

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