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Goodbye Letter to Boyfriend

This letter is written by a girl in order to break up with her present boyfriend. She has made the decision, that although her boyfriend is a very nice person, he is not the right person for her, and after having given the relationship a second chance, she has made her final decision to terminate their relationship.


26, Amberwath


Dear Richard

I am writing you this letter because I feel that we must end our relationship, the feelings I had for you are no longer there. I am sincerely sorry to bring you the news, but our relationship is finished.

You are and always will be a very special person to me, but you are not my soul mate, you are not that special person for me. I have tried to makes things work by giving us another chance, but I know and I think you do too deep down that we are mot meant to be together. That special spark, that special connection is missing between us, that something that makes a relationship continue forever.

You really are a special person, and i wish you all the happiness in your future, and really hope you find a girl that deserves someone special like you.

Take care


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