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Goodbye Letter to Colleagues

A goodbye letter to colleagues is written by an employee in an organization to bid goodbye to his colleagues. He expresses grief to bid adieu to the organization and his friends / colleagues due to his family’s relocation to another place. He thanks his seniors and colleagues for all their support and wishes the organization and his colleagues the very best in the years to come.

Here are some helpful tips to write a goodbye letter to colleagues:

  1. Letter must begin with bidding goodbye. Mention that you are resigning from your present post due to relocation of family.
  2. State that you will cherish your tenure and friendships forever.
  3. Thank your seniors and colleagues for all their support and mention that you are taking along valuable lessons to attain success in the future also.
  4. End by wishing your organization and colleagues a great future and mention that you will be glad to be in touch with them.

Goodbye Letter to Colleagues Sample







Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)






Dear Colleagues,

I am writing this letter to bid goodbye and inform you all that I am leaving this organization in the next two days. I have served this organization in the capacity of Senior Executive, Technical Support successfully for the past six years.

I am quitting due to personal requirements which has necessitated my relocation to Dubai. I will always cherish my tenure in this organization and the friendships I made in these years.

I thank my seniors and colleagues for their unending support and guidance which transformed me from a novice to a reliable employee. I am taking along work skills, valuable lessons and experiences that evolved me personally and professionally to achieve success in my future assignments.

I wish this organization and all my colleagues a bright future. I will be glad to hear from you all. You can reach me on my phone number-452 786 882 or mail me at – clarke@hotmail.com



Clarke Gable


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