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Goodbye letter to Girlfriend

It is hard to say goodbye to one whom you love and who is an unforgettable part of your life. There are many affairs which separates my separate you from her, though not emotionally but geographically. When you are going away from her, it’s good to write a goodbye letter to her. The letter will not only say farewell but will also give a special feeling when she will know how important she is for you.

Here is a sample goodbye letter to girlfriend:

25th June, 2010

Dear Simon,

As I had already told you that I am leaving New York and shifting to Canada, so I want to say goodbye to you. Don’t think that I am leaving you. You are and will always be with me and my love for you will be same. You mean everything to me and I have taken this step to give you all the happiness of this world.

Sweetheart you know that I have completed my studies and I got a job in New York so it is now necessary to shift there.  I don’t want to leave you but I need to pave the road that leads me to you and want to make myself answerable to all the questions which could be the hurdle of our life.

It is very hard to live without you but I want you to be with me forever and for that we have to make this sacrifice. Simon we know that we love each other and it is enough for us and the material world doesn’t matter for us but there are others also who want to know more than love. I know that my sweet angel is with me and understands me.

Simon, I love you and I need your support because without it I can’t move even a step. Sweetheart I’ll be back soon. But for now I have to say goodbye to you.

My sweet angel please take care,

Only and always yours,

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