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Goodbye Letter to Wife

This letter is being written from a husband to his beloved wife of twenty years. Due to circumstances beyond their control, he is being forced to leave his wife for the first time since they took their vows, having to take a job away in another part of the country. He bids his wife a proper farewell.

Dear Lillian

It has been twenty years since we took our wedding vows, and promised to cherish each other for life, and since that very day, not a day has gone by when you have not been by my side.

Times are hard now and I have been forced to accept the job in New Delhi, forcing us to spend weeks, if not months apart. and Iam writing you this letter to bid you a `roper goodbye.

You have stood by me through the good and the bad for the past twenty years, especially when times got tough, always been there for me. I sincerely hope that you will continue you to support me even though we have been forced to live apart. I will send you my new contact details just as soon as I have them, my new address and cell phone no.

Your loving husband


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