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Job Application Letter

Applying for a job is an art. With competition becoming so tough the person who “sells” herself/himself the best gets the job. There is no doubt that the number of jobs and opportunities available today are amazing but the number of applicants and their quality has also improved drastically. So the equation has become competitive.

A resume is not good enough to sell talent. It must always be accompanied with a Job Application Letter. A Job Application Letter does not talk anything different from the resume but it just gives the gist of the resume. It also highlights any salient qualities that an individual has but do not reflect in the resume. These qualities may be innate in an individual and not acquired through any course or training.

A Job Application Letter should be addressed to the person responsible for the selection process. It should always be typed with not too much playing done with fonts or colors. It should be short and crisp. It should give the gist of the individual’s qualifications along with any specific qualities that s/he possesses.

The information being given separately in the Job Application Letter should not be repetitive in nature. A Job Application Letter should never show that the applicant is desperate. It should just be an effort to inform the organization that such talent is available whenever they need it.


  • A Job Application Letter should always accompany the resume
  • It should always be typed with standard fonts and colors
  • It should have the applicant’s name, address and contact details clearly mentioned
  • Apart from giving the gist of the resume it should also highlight the qualities of the applicant
  • No flowery language needs to be used in the letter
  • The applicant should not show any desperation while applying for the job as that gives a wrong indication to the prospective employer
  • A Job Application Letter should always have a subject line to indicate to the reader that the application is for a particular post
  • If the letter is being sent in response to an advertisement given by the organization then that too should be referred in the letter
  • Since the applicant does not know the reader personally, the letter should be addressed to madam/sir
  • Giving a brief of current job profile is of utmost importance while sending a Job Application Letter
  • Giving the CTC (cost to company) break up of current employment is optional


_____________ (Name and address of the applicant)

_____________ (Date)

Subject: Application for the post of ______________ (post applied for)

Dear Sir or Madam,

This is in response to your advertisement in ___________ (medium of advertisement) dated _________ for the post of _________ (post advertised).

I am ____________ (details of highest qualification) and have ______ (number of years of experience) in companies of repute such as ______________ (names of companies). Currently I am working with ____________ (name of organization currently employed with) as ______________ (designation) since _______ (date since when working with this organization). My job profile entails _____________ (details of current job profile).

I also have _____________ (details of any additional qualifications, if any). I am a hard working, sincere and dedicated worker. By working in companies of such repute I have learnt certain values such as integrity and respect for people and swear by them now. I assure you that if I am selected by your organization I will give it my best and promise you a result-oriented tenure.

My Resume has been enclosed for your kind perusal.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best regards,

(Name of the applicant)

Encl: As above

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