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Anniversary Love Letter

Dear Name,

It’s been three years we are together and I feel as though I met you yesterday, I didn’t realize when time flew away and how I spend the days with you. Darling you are the love of my life and sometimes I think hoe I would have managed life without you. You are wonderful friend, guide, teacher and a sweet husband, my days just flies in seconds when I am with you. You have been such a support and problem solvers I fell on top of the world everyday and I am so thankful to god that he gave me a precious person like you in my life. My life would have been so happening without you, you won’t believe I cherish every moment I spent with you.

Sweetheart be there for me all the time and I hope the we spend many more anniversaries together and in our lifetime, you are my angel and you are everything I wanted, I now feel that I am born to be just your wife and enjoy life. I still can’t believe that we have completed three years together. I never new time flew so fast; life with you is really amazing.

Love you.

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