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Apology Love Letters

Summary: Sometimes in relationship, due to misunderstandings, we tend to hurt our loved ones. The best way to apologize in such an occasion is by giving sincere feelings in a form of a letter. This letter would give you an idea of how to win back your lover.

Maxine S. Gerson

15 Union Terrace
NR14 9UT

19th September 2010

Dear Maxine,

I know that the words, which have been said, are like arrow coming out of a bow. You cannot take them back and undo. In addition, my words have been hurtful. However, I beg you to give a chance to make up for the mistakes I have done and the pain it has caused to you.

I regret for causing infliction to a person who has been so loving and caring to me. Perhaps, this guilt I will bore throughout my life and I would be able to forgive myself, if we drifted apart.

I promise that I will never have an inappropriate behavior towards you. I will make you happy enough that you forget this incidence and we can have ahead a wonderful life together because I cannot imagine my life without you.

Sorry again.


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