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Break Up Love Letter

Summary: When getting seprate from your love you have to say those harsh words, which you never want to say. Telling this on her face is more difficult but somewhere it is the part of many relations, which are not strong enough to sustain. A break up letter can solve many of your problems and can give you better way to express your feelings.

Break Up love Letter

Dear Arti

You are a well and kindhearted girl. We have passed really a great time together, we laugh together, and we had fun a lot. However, I do not know what went wrong between two of us. I think you knew very well what I want. Now its better to have break up. This is in my mind from a long time but I would not able to communicate it with you. That is why I write this letter.

I does not want to blame anyone because neither of us gone wrong. I will appreciate your nature that you are doing well with others and hope after this you are not going away from me and you will behave with me normally. And I will remain thankful to you throught my life because you teach me not to speak the lie. You are going to reside in my heart through my whole life.

Yours sincerely,


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