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I am thankful to god for providing me such a wonderful friend in my life with whom I can share all my thoughts and share the good and bad things of life. You are the one with whom, I can open my heart out and talk. I have always felt that you are more than my own sister with whom I can share every aspect of my life. You have been there with me in my happiness and sorrows and ups and downs of life,. I hope our friendship grows even stronger with each passing day.

I always feel that you are the only one who accepts the way I am and can be true to you, you don’t expect me to change unlike others. You are so understanding and patient that even when I am wrong you never get angry with me rather you help me understand the situation and handle the situation. You have been always there to support me. Its very difficult to get a friend like you and I hope you feel the same about me also. We both are so different but we understand each other so well. Hope our friendship remains this way lifelong.

Warm regards,

Your name.

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