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Last Love Letter

Summary: If you think that, this relation is not working for you and you want break up now then write a last love letter to your beloved and let her know how you feel about the situations. Through this letter, you will sound so rude to her and she will accept the fact with your written words. Here is one good sample of last love letter.

Dear Rinki

My heart is your home you live in it so safe. Not only my heart but also my mind is also the place where there is always a trap of your memories. I can never say you that go away from me. You are everything for me. I cannot live without you. I can never let you go. Saying you good bye through this letter because I don’t have the courage to speak these words on your face.

May be after saying this time I may not be capable to say you that I love you. However, trust me my heart always can say it forever. I can never see you going away from me.

I want to see you I wish I could feel you see you this time

Your love


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