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Lost Love Letter

Summary: Letter to a gone away girl friend implies the love, which remains for her in your heart. It is such a sad feeling that you will want to express in words so that she might get back to you sooner than you can imagine. Do not let her go so far, send her this emotional letter, and ask her to come back. In lost love letter use only those words.

Dear Zeenet,

I try to stop thinking about you and our relationship. Even while I have tried to let you go, my love and care for you has neither vanished nor subsided. The thought that you have left me results in grief and sorrow. I remain thinking of how life has been unjust to us, deprive us of the love, which I intensely, and truly still value.

I still cannot understand what led us to our detached ways. Its just that we didn’t tried to make the things work out and simply we ended up soon. I know you will be amazed that after this entire instance I have not moved on. I believe that we belong to each other. My love for you will live longer than time.

I love you.


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