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Love Letter Format

Love letters are meaningful way of expressing your emotions for the one that you love. This must be something sincere, authentic, and hand written for this will add something on it. If you think it is not possible for you to write a love letter at your own then follow love letter format and impress your partner. A love letter must look like the letter written below:

To my love Annie,

Every time they mention your name, it feels a whisper in my ear and a great emotion stirs up in my whole being. This feeling that I never felt before and I had never felt for anyone or any other, this is a feeling that I cannot ignore. My love, believe me when I tell you that you are the girl of my dreams and the girl that I long to call ‘mine’. When I stare at you and you stare back on me, I know that you are mine and I will be crazy losing you. You really touched my life, my soul and my whole being. Your kindness, your care, and your love are so magnetic. Annie, I love you.

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