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Love Letter Template

Summary: Love letter is the only thing, which can easily express your emotions to your loved ones. If you want to write a love letter to your girl friend but do not know how to convert, your feelings in words then try this love letter template.

My charming Vimmi,

I can only feel warmth for the love within me for you. I am in no hesitation that you love me and I love you. I desire for the instant we will be together to hold and hug you smoothly as I do and to forever know that you are my one and only love

My cute love, I have been spending every part of my days and nights dreaming of you. I want to cry it on the peaks that I long and desire for you, my truelove.

My beloved, all steps I take, every breath I breathe, and every moment that ticks in my heart, is for you alone. Oh, cute Vinolia, you are my one true love forever.

Vinolia, when I initially laid my eyes on you, my feeling skipped. When we shared our foremost kiss, my lips melted with love. I eagerly wait for the day you and I will be at the altar taking those vows.

Charming Vinolia, now that you are all mine, will you be my wife?

With Love, Paul

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