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Love Letter

Love is an expression that indicates care, empathy, concern, passion as well as respect. Love is not necessary between people of the opposite gender. It can be for a friend, a parent, a fiancé, a sibling, a spouse, a grandparent, and a neighbor or for help at home, for example a maid. One can express ones feeling of love for anyone who makes a person feel good, wanted and cared for.

An expression of love could be either through verbal communication or through a Love Letter. A Love Letter is a mode of communicating to ones loved one the feelings the writer has for the reader. It could also be written to tell the reader how concerned the writer is for any unpleasant experience that the reader may have had. In today’s times of competition where people are just so busy with their own lives, a Love Letter just to tell the reader that there is someone there for her/him in times of need works as a vitamin.


  • A Love Letter should not only be written when the loved one has either undergone something unpleasant or is in distress.
  • It can also be written just to let the reader know that there is someone somewhere always there for her/him
  • A hand-written Love Letter is always better to give that personal touch
  • Even though a Love Letter is a personal letter, there is still no scope of any grammatical or punctuation errors. A perfectly written letter speaks volumes
  • A Love Letter is hand written still the letter should not be ended with a signature of the writer. The writer should always write her/his name at the end of the letter
  • A Love Letter can be casually written but in a simple language
  • There is no need to put a subject line in the letter. This indicates it being a personal letter type
  • The letter should always begin with “Dear” followed by the name of the person to whom the letter is addressed
  • One can always write the date in the letter but it is not mandatory
  • Personal words should be used in a Love Letter
  • A Love Letter should make the reader feel wanted and cared for
  • It should read as being coming naturally from the heart
  • It is never wrong to say “sorry” so if the letter is being written to amend for something wrong that the writer has done, write the magic word
  • A Love Letter should read as if the writer is there in person


_____________ (Date)

Dear ___________ (first name of the reader)

Hope this letter finds all of you in the best of spirits. It has been a long time since we wrote or spoke to each other, so I thought of penning down a few lines.

I know you have been upset with me for not coming for your birthday party that had been organized by your friends. It is natural that a fiancé is expected to be there for such parties. But darling please try and understand that there was this very important conference call that I had to be part of. In today’s scenario of extreme recession, we need to grab every opportunity to get new business.

Okay, I am sorry. Tell me how to make up for it. Come on cheer up!

All right now the good news, I have been promoted and will be relocating to your town. So we will get to see each other more often. I will let you know when the final orders for me to move come in.

Please convey my regards to aunty and uncle. Loads of love to you too.

Take care and smile,


______________ (name)

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