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Missing You Love Letters

Summary: In this love letter, you can write your beloved that how much you miss them. How difficult it is to live without them so far from them. Missing someone is hardest thing to bear but when things are not in your control atleast let them know that your life is nothing without them. Write a missing you love letter to your loved ones and send them all your love through this piece of paper.

Z-50, Rohini,

Sunheri Bagh Appartments,

Delhi 110085

Dear Aunandita

Hi! How life is going? I am fine here and hope it at your end with the grace of almighty. You gone very far away without thinking about me. I miss you a lot. Every instant every second it is you who is in my imagination. I never thought that I have to live without you. Now I feel incomplete without you. I feel that distances between us make our love and understanding very strong.

Now I am waiting for the moment we both are together again but this time forever. I pray to god everyday to provide me strength so that I can bear this distance between two of us. Do well at your work.and I am waiting for you. Bye take care and keep smiling throught your life.

Love you and missing you sweetheart.

Yours lovingly,


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