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Passionate Love Letter

Summary: A Passionate love letter is one that clearly states all the love left deep down the heart. The love letter is written with words, which have spirit in them. It tells the person how much you desire to be with her throughout your life. Send her passionate love letter and burst out all those feelings of yours.

Dear Christy,

As I pen this note to you, I wonder if you dream about me as much as I do about you and miss me a lot, as I miss you. Your lovely smile and stunning lips fill my wits every moment of the day; I still sense your warming kisses and lovely lips within me. Your aroma drives me wild every occasion I am with you.

You are my one and single true love. You bring joy and laughter into my life. I recognize that no one besides you can ever make me sense the way you do. I am fogged up with grief since you cannot be with me every moment, minute, hour, and each day just like the older days.

My love, words can state the obsession I feel for you.

I love you,


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