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Take Care Letter

This friendship letter is written by friend to another addressing him / her to take care of his / her health. This can be only a generalized letter asking to “take care” as only “health is wealth”. Or the letter can be addressed in concern of any disease or accident the friend is suffering from.

______________ (Name and address of the recipient)

______________ (Date)

Subject: Take Care Pal

Dear Aashi,

It’s too hard to swallow the fact that you met with an accident day before yesterday. I was really very shocked to know this from Aunty when she told me that, “Tiya, Aashi met with an accident on a road with a car.” I didn’t know how to react at that time but somehow I convinced aunty not to worry and made her stop crying.

She later explained that it was no fault of yours and the other car drivers too. The whole fault was of the drunken truck driver. I pray that you are not injured more except a few bruises here and there. But dear, get a X-RAY done just in case to avoid the internal wounds. Aunty informed that even the car is not crashed to death except that few glasses broke. Thank God that you’re safe and fine. Else this kind of accidents can prove very injurious and harmful.

I really want to see your face once but we’ll chat on web cam later on when you are in a condition to. Wish I was there in India to attend you all the time in the difficult period that you are passing through. Aunty told me that Doctors were of the opinion that you might be have injured the last two bones of your spinal cord but are not sure until the reports come out.

We’ll talk later on now. You need to take rest and please don’t skip the doses of medicine. It’s my order. Take care of your health and take care of aunty the most as she must be suffering from a trauma. And please don’t get into all such stuffs henceforth.

Yours loving friend,


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