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Distant Romantic Letter


Distant romantic letters are written to those who stay at/in very far of distant places. They are more or like you missing you letters. And they tend to be long because they are usually written after a long period of time and thus include each and every detail, feelings, highs and lows of the sender in detail.

It also includes questions relating to whereabouts and wellbeing of the distant recipient and sometimes to clear out all the doubts or rumours relating to him/her. Distant romantic letters are also written to make the recipient feel at that he/she has not been forgotten and to make them feel as if they are amongst everybody back at the home town.


Date: __________

Dear___________ (Name of the recipient),


Darling, it has been a long time since we met…First of all a very long hug for you and loads of kisses that would complete quota for all the days we haven’t met. And I want to say I love you a lot and I miss you. Everybody here misses you, especially mom. She tries to beat her loneliness by going on long walks, taking up extra work from school and watching a lot of T.V.

I can’t help it but watch because I have my office too and you know what she is very co cordial and I try to spend my maximum time with her and dad so that I can kill my time too and make them feel happy too that someone’s there.

Any way’s you tell me how is your work going on? Is it quite stressful? I know you may be having pretty girls working around you…just kidding…I know you like me…But it’s no stress from my side…you being happy is what I want. Your friends from colony and college miss you and have send you a “hello! We are there.” Rest all is good. Except me.

Try to a leave coming month. We will all spend some days together. Because coming month is special. And you know why. Come back soon. Missing you sorely.

Yours lovingly,


(Sender’s Name)

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