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Expressive Romantic Letter

Romantic letter is written to express your love and feelings towards a person. These letters have an ability to share your care, affection and your true feelings to your lover. These letters carry the sole feeling of love and heart so there can be no format to write them. The expressive love letter should convey your true and intense feeling so that your lover can get the right message. It is useless to say that writing such letter is an easy task as all what you have to do is to pour your heart and feelings on paper. However there are surely some things that you should not miss to write. Do tell your lover that what is the best thing in her that has attracted you towards her and what makes your love always a fresh one. Mention the reason why you love her so much. You can also include some memories of your happy moments. Mention the positive changes that have occurred in your life due to your lover.

  • Mention the name and address properly.
  • Address the person with affectionate words like sweetheart or dearest.
  • Share the glimpse of some good memories with her.
  • Mention why you love him/her so much.
  • Share your emotions and feelings.
  • End your letter in a cute and romantic tone and mention yourself as your lover etc.

Expressive Romantic Letter Template

Use our free Expressive Romantic Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.

To my _____________________, (name of receiver)

You have __________________________ (express your feelings for your lover).

Darling ____________________ (express your feelings and share some memorable moments you spent with her/him. state why you love him/her).

Love you,

Yours forever

______________ (name of sender)

Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Expressive Romantic Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


To my Sweetheart Rosy,

You have changed my life with your love and affection. From deep down my heart i want to say that i want to be with you always till death apart us. You are the most beautiful present my life has given me. You have made my life heaven.

Darling i want to have you with me always. Whenever i am alone i always think about the golden days that we have spent together and cherish the sweet memories of our love. You have given direction to my life. Even when I am at work my mind keeps on thinking about you. I just want you to be mine always. I love the way you tease me, care for me and even when you bully me. I love everything about you. I am nothing without you.

Love you,

Yours forever


Email Format

To, Sadhna

E-38 Rohini Sector 11,

Delhi- 110085

Dear Princess,

You changed my life from Drought River into replenished art of living. You are the very special person in my life whom I can never forget even in dream. You just carried the love and happiness along with you and filled my small life with desire to live with enthusiasm. You are that special one who has raised the desire within me. You are the source for the fire with which I do anything, fire for proving and do something special for my princess.

I still remember those days, which I have gone through with hope not seen to the far edges of life. Not bringing the light into my life with great hope but directed me in right way due which I am in the position you are seeing me today. You support for me in tremendous and remarkable in every down in my life. It is not my turn to make you happy and I promise that I will treat you as lovely princess for ever in my life and will stand up for your protection in every problem you face.

Lastly one simple wish- “will you marry this guy”

Yours forever

Alok Mishra

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